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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


All three of my children have recently had a birthday. It makes a father reflect on how he is doing and think back to where the past year has gone. My son turns 15 today. He is a great young man and really the best son a father and mother could ask for. He works very hard at all aspects of his life. He gets great grades in school and excels on the soccer field. Many times his team will turn to him for leadership and direction when the going gets tough. He doesn't like the attention and would prefer to be in the back ground and let the others have the attention. Sometimes that isn't easy when you are a bright shining star. Happy Birthday son!

Speaking of bright shining stars my universe would be incomplete without these two stars. Brieanna turned 13 in September and Kynleigh turned 3 also. What wonderful girls these two are. Brieanna is a wonderful teenager and always does the right thing. Many times she will point out that she would rather make a different choice because that is what she feels the Savior wants. She also is the balancing rod in the family. Her parents appreciate her for that.
Kynleigh is all over the place and a typical 3 year old. I am keeping my eye on her extra close because I think she is going to be my child that stretches me the furthest. She is extremely bright and knows all the letters in the alphabet and can also write her name. She also is able to speak very well and tries to reason with you.  It reminds me of a lawyer offering a plea bargain. This picture I have posted is of her and Brieanna at Lagoon (local amusement park) Kynleigh is very brave and will ride all the rides you put her on.  Her outlook on life is very free and easy. She will probably pull up one day at a family reunion riding a Harley motorcycle and introduce us to her "friend" Slash and his buddy Knuckles. Regardless she is the last of the Domans and provides our family with pure abundance and joy.


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